You have to win the game

…or you don’t. You’ll want to, though.

You have to win the gamePublished by Pirate Hearts (Kyle Pittman, a dev that worked on Borderlands 2, one of my favourite RPG shooters), You have to win the game is a charming platformer reminiscent of NES-era classics like Super Mario Bros., with the difficulty of a more modern game like Super Meat Boy.

When you first launch the game, the Commodore-era aesthetic and pixel graphics plunge you into the 80s like a time machine. Smooth movements and simple controls work to reinforce that feeling, and, like many, you may get hooked. If you’re not into the complete retro immersion, you can disable the simulated CRT glare and monitor bezel, giving you a slightly more modern experience.

With full controller support, and personality that you won’t find in many other games, You have to win the game is well worth checking out. Did I mention it’s free?

Written on April 24, 2016